What Do 289 Hip Hop Songs Have In Common?

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I’m back at Dusty Groove hunting down more Tribe samples on my Quest Called Dig. This time I’m hitting the jazz section and I found some amazing wax, including a Bob James record that has a song sampled in 289 hip hop songs. Check this out:

Bob James- One

Bob James!! Daaaamn!!! Like wow!!! My new favorite! This is some crazy intense jazz shit here.

Put this album on. “Valley Of The Shadows” starts us off and it’s not just the name that sounds deep. You are immediately pulled in- and not just a little. However, as deep as you just got the song reverses and ends by rejuvenating and propelling you to new heights. This feat is followed by the light hearted “In The Garden” and then “Soulero”- a very cool, rather uniqero song.

As much as I love the album so far, side two starts off with Bob James’ version of “Night on Bald Mountain.” It’s an inspirational,  intense, riveting, hold on to your effing ass rendition that is followed by “Feel Like Making Love”- a smooth, soulful melody. The transition between these two songs- the contrast- is an all star musical moment. As an exclamation mark of pure musical genius he finishes off the album with “Nautilus.” The most sampled song I’ve come across yet.

Nautilus” was used by Tribe in “Clap Your Hands.” It was also sampled in 288 other hip hop songs including classics such as “Children’s Story” by Slick Rick, “Follow The Leader” by  Eric B and Rakim, and “Beats To The Rhyme” by Run-DMC. What’s interesting about these 4 samples is that they are all from different parts of the song. That’s how rich it is, the song and the album. There are a million spots to sample from because it’s all genius. Indeed, almost every song on the album is sampled.

Billy Brooks- Windows Of The Mind

Billy Brooks!!! Damn!!! My new favorite!!! This is his debut album and man is it hott (2 t’s)!!! There is some genuine head nodding jazz funk, some bluesy jazz, and even some tracks that have a little swing to them. It’s a pretty eclectic jazz album, and all of it is full of energy.

“Rockin Julius,” the first track is definitely rockin’. This opener is a not so subtle message to the listener: “Hold on, here comes Billy Brooks.” “Cooling it” is more of a smooth jazz-esqe track. “The Jagged Edge” is a blues number, and the album goes on like this

Tribe sampled “Forty Days” in “Luck Of Lucien.” This is a pretty notable sample. Keith Murray and Total Devastation used the sample in some hip hop fashioned pot smoking joints. Talib Kweli and Mobb Deep also used this song to sample. What’s surprising is this is the only song on the album that is sampled!

Lou Donaldson- Pretty Things

This is a quality Lou Donaldson record, but I like the Mr Shing A Ling album I reviewed previously more than this one. This record had more of a constrained groove feeling… like you’ll nod your head, but just a little. It’s almost a cool jazz record instead of a fusion record. If that floats your boat then sail on, but I prefer the funk. You can quote me on that.

If you’ve read my blog before you might have picked up that I like album art that includes attractive women. However, I’m not quite sure all three of the young ladies on the album cover are of age so I will refrain from commenting on it.


Tribe samples the drum break in the intro to “Pot Belly” in “If The Papes Come.” This break is also used by Dr Dre, Main Source, Guru, and a plethora of other notable artists. This is the only song sampled on the album.

Freddie Hubbard- Love Connection

I don’t think this is the greatest album in the world by any means, but it has a certain quality and groove that does not allow it to be dismissed. I was trying to put my finger on exactly how to describe this album when I came upon the line up: Chick Correa, Stanley Clarke, and Al Jarreau on vocals (where there are voclas). These guys spell Q-u-a-l-i-ty. So while not my favorite this abum is definitely worth a listen or even two.

Tribe samples “Little Sun Flower” in “The Love.” Several other artists have sampled this song, but no other songs on the album were sampled.

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