About Chi Grooves

Chi Grooves is blog dedicated to diggin’ in Chicago crates. We are an essential resource for vinyl record collecting in the city of Chicago. If you’re new to collecting vinyl, new to collecting in Chi, a seasoned veteran, or if you just like music Chi Grooves has something for you.

Want to find out about Chi’s record stores? We got that! Want to learn about finding vinyl in Chicago not-record stores? We got that too. Learn bout digitizing vinyl, vinyl equipment, and about music in general. We got it all!!!

Here’s a quick tour of our blog series:

A Quest Called Dig

Ever wonder about the music sampled by your favorite hip hop artists? Are you curious about the jazz, funk, soul, and other music sliced, chopped, and looped for your rhythmic pleasure?

The ‘A Quest Called Dig’ series logs my journey to collect vinyl records used by hip hop’s greatest groups to produce their music in the era of sample based music production. I’ve used various online sources to compile a list of songs/albums that have been used by various groups on various albums.

Once I dig through the Chicago crates and find these rare (and sometimes not so rare) gems I’ll write a brief review of each  one so that you, the loyal reader, can gain insight into the universal and eclectic roots of sample based hip hop. Join me on this is journey into the universality of hip hop’s past to experience the music that influenced your favorite artists and explore their direct connections!

I’m starting with the entire A Tribe Called Quest discography. Hence, the name of the series. However, I will soon expand the search album by album to cover all of your favorite hip hop classics.

Off The Beaten Groove

‘Off The Beaten Groove’ is a blog series that’s takes you outside of the usual record stores to hunt down wax gems. We’re hitting thrift shops, side walk sales, craigslist, and every nook and cranny you can imagine (or we can imagine) to find vinyl records. It’s kind of like dirt biking but when your tires are made of vinyl instead of rubber!



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