About Me

Hi. I’ve owned records for as long as I can remember. In high school I had a small collection of some rock, punk, ska, and blues. I was raised on classic rock. When I got into high school and it was time to rebel I went with hardcore punk rawk, but I never lost sight of a larger, broader musical world. I used to pick up classical records at the local music store for 25 cents a piece. Later I fell in deep with the sounds of hip hop culture, and this, in turn, lead me to become more intimate with a wide range of genres.

I didn’t really begin collecting records until the past couple of years. My interest in sample based music production had laid dormant for years even though my appetite for sample based music consumption had never ceased growing. At some point I decided it was time to get out and start grabbing up my own vinyl in order to get my own experience with sample based music production. It was classic monkey see monkey do.

I also have a persistent thirst to find and experience new music. This is important. I don’t want to just know about everything, I want to experience it! Feel it! Not know about… but really KNOW it. Everything is game, all genres, all times, everything!

The first thing I did was put the call into dad. When I was a kid he had hundreds of “crappy old people” records that were taking up space in a closet next to all of his ceramic cows. Every time I would go to Florida to visit my parents I would bring back about 40 records. In Chicago, I would digitize them so that the next time I went back to FL I would physically put the mp3s on my dad’s computer (really my mom’s computer as my dad thinks we are scared to teach him how to use it because then he might really use it). This way the songs could be uploaded to the cloud and he could access them via his nook while he sat in his chair and fell asleep.

In addition, around this time, I had a big thing for the soul music. All of my early trips to the crates were spent around the soul section. I was more concerned with quantity and finding new music than the actual quality of the records. Bargain bins were my best friend.

Although, I still love the warm sound of listening to vinyl it is inconvenient to do so while riding the el. In addition to digitizing my father’s collection I painstakingly take the time to digitize every single record I buy. I have to listen to it and really get to know it (unless it reeeeeaaaaaally sucks)!!!

Chi Grooves is my outlet as I continue to dig through Chicago’s crates. I hope you enjoy the experience of following along as I dig, experiencing new music with me, and sharing your thoughts and experiences.

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