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The hype! The Jive! It’s almost here! Record Store Day 2017!!!! Chi Grooves presents our official guide to #RSD2017 in the city of Chicago. We’ll be updating this blog all the way up to and possibly during record store day so check back frequently.

Just in case you fell off the face of the planet for a few months or possibly have been living in some vegged out state like a coma or something, this is the 10th annual record store day and it is happening Saturday, April 22. Here is the official record store day release list.

As part of Record Store Day 2017 Vocola has been putting out shows on Chicago record stores. These are pretty fun. Check ’em out:

Dusty Groove

Rolling Stones Records

Reckless Records

So here we go. This is what you’re looking at for Record Store Day 2017 in the Chi:

  • Dusty Groove is having free comics, toys & other fun stuff for the kiddos while supplies last, plus a magician in the early afternoon. Here’s their record store day list.
  • Beverly Records has published their list of inventory and will have the following:
    • 20% off used vinyl
    • Giveaways
    • White Castle Sliders
    • $2.00 LPs
    • 25 cent 45s
    • Railway Gamblers will perform an accoustic concert.
    • Check out this DNA-Info piece on Beverly.
  • Kstarke Records has free food, drinks, RSD releases, new and used vinyl plus DJs: Mark Grusane, Alexander William Gonzales, Jesse S Andwich, Glenna J Fitch, Jarvis Mason, Jerome Derradji, Kevin Starke, Tim Zawada, Mike L Bangles and bands: LETTUCEHEAD and The Wick!!!
    • Check out this Reader article on Kstarke!
  • Reckless Records put out a google doc to help you navigate their stores. In addition, they’ll have some cool free stuff including slip mats celebrating their beer collaboration “Hand Over Fist” with Revolution Brewing & much more. They will also be having bands:
    • At the Milwaukee Ave store: The Smoking Popes, OHMME, and MAGAS.
    • At the Broadway store: CARPENTERSville plays the Brown Album, TALsounds and The Poison Arrows.
  • Dave’s Records published official rules for RSD2017. Additionally, Stonebelly will be performing an acoustic set at 3PM. 
  • Bucket O’ Blood is having one of the more interesting parties. A Luau Extravaganza!!!! No $h!t. They’re also turning this into a neighborhood party. I can’t describe this in my own words so here are the deets from their facebook event:
    • A Hawaiian-themed celebration with tons of food, drinks, games and fun! Come dressed in your finest Hawaiian shirt or coconut bra!
    • How low can our sales prices go?? It depends how low YOU can go in our limbo competition! A hula hoop contest? Sure why not?!!
    • Tropical themed drinks will keep things festive throughout the day, and as usual, everyone buying RSD releases will get a special themed shot!”
    • They’ve teamed up with their neighbors for a “dream vacation package.” Grab a passport from us and say Aloha as you take a trip around the ‘hood.
    • Get yourself some celebratory beers at The Beer Temple and bring them!
    • Take your newly aquired records over to DMen Tap and have them played while you take a load off in their cozy bar!
    • Make sure you get your passport stamped at each destination because at the end of the day we will come together to raffle off a very special Great Lakes Brewing Company turntable!!!! (you do not need to be present to win; you do need stamps from all 3 businesses). There will be
    • Additional prizes 
    • Great Lakes has teamed up with us to celebrate their delicious Turntable Pilsner -which will be available at Beer Temple, DMen and right here in the store.
  • Bric-a-Brac has live music, limited RSD releases, and some vegan treats! Bands are: Staring Problem, Roman Polanski’s Baby (Nashville), Bev Rage and the Drinks, Evil Triplet, and L.I.A.R.
    • Over 2000 45s two for a dollar. Once we sell enough the cases will be available, too!
  • Borderline Music has 25% off all used vinyl and free beer from Empirical brewery.
  • Bloodshot Records Chicago HQ storefront pop-up shop will be open for business! with free refreshments. 
    • They’ll have some unique items, test pressings, signed stuff, out-of-print stuff, and just regular stuff. We’ll bring out some rare vinyl, old RSD releases, and more.
  • Pinwheel Records has live music all day and food.
    • Dirt Cheap Date, Dream Version, Jesse W. Johnson & Coyote Scream, Junkee Girl, Gia Margaret, Mother Nature Music, and Not Myself
  • Gramaphone Records is hosting release parties for two exclusive titles: Mr. White’s new Memphis based label, Edgewood Estate and new Chicago imprint “Night Sea Journey” have prepared limited Gramaphone editions of their 12″s. Both feature full-cover screen-printed jackets.
    • There will be in-store performances by NSJ crew, Mr. White, Gphone staffers







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Hello crate diggers, vinyl collectors, and record store enthusiasts!

Record store day is just under a month away, and hype is rapidly building! Here’s some basics on record store day:

Official Record Store Day Release List

Record Store Day at Shuga

Special Releases from Dave’s

Keep on checking back for more Chicago record store day news or follow me for real time updates.

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Happy St Patrick’s Day!!!!

Welcome to the blog series Chicago Record Store Updates formerly known as Around Town. The goal of this series is to provide updates on the latest news and releases in Chicago’s thriving record store community. Chi Grooves is tirelessly monitoring newsletters and social media to be your one stop shop for all the information you need to find, buy, and collect records in Chicago.

Check back frequently for updates or follow us on facebook or twitter. In the meantime have fun browsing through the record stores listed below, and, in case you didn’t notice, there is a new illustrated blog post out on Chicago record stores.

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Around Chicago and In the News

Hey all!! There’s another Chicago record store birthday. This week Audio Archaeology celebrated its three year anniversary serving YOUR vinyl needs! Happy birthday Audio Archaeology!!!!!

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with what’s going on around Chicago’s record stores I highly recommend you take the following steps:

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There is absolutely no reason to NOT take these two simple steps, and if you don’t follow and friend me it can only mean you are a hateful and spiteful person. Don’t be that guy/girl.

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In the News

I’d like to give a big shout out to Dusty Groove for making it as one of the Travel Channel’s picks for “Eight Essential Record Stores in the US“. This is yuuuuuuuuuuuge!!! You guys should be very proud. I was just in the store last weekend checking out the funk/soul section. I’ll have some reviews of the records I picked up in my A Quest Called Dig series in a few weeks.

This past week was St. Valentine’s day. Love it or hate it it’s a great day time for pun, innuendo, or what ever this is:




Thanks Shuga!!!

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