Minnie, My New Love

I got back to wrap up my  initial dig at Reckless Records on Milwaukee avenue where I grabbed up six additional records. So all in all that’s ten records I picked up from Reckless, the first site of my first dig!

I’m planning a series where I do some reviews of of the stores I’m visiting. I’ll compare prices and quality of the wax I’m finding so look out for that in the following weeks and months. I’m hoping it becomes a valuable resource for  your Chicago digging needs. Enough about that. Let’s talk vinyl!

Minnie Riperton- Adventures In Paradise

Adventures in Paradise is another classic, heavily sampled album. There is a simple groove to this album that I think really compliments Minnie’s sensational voice (check out “When It Comes Down To It” and “Simple Things”  in addition to the tracks specifically discussed below) and lends itself well to hip hop. “Minnie’s Lament” seems like it was written for the sole purpose of showcasing her incredible vocal talent. I think she has one of the better lesser known soul/R&B voices of the 70s.

Tribe used “For Inside My Love” in “Lyrics To Go” and “Baby, This Love I Have” in “Check The Rhime.” First, an R rated discussion of “Inside My Love.” I feel like there is some sexual innuendo in this song, but I can’t exactly put my finger in it. This song is heavily sampled. Slum Village, 2Pac, Nas, Pharcyde… The question should be: Who didn’t sample this song? Tribe’s sample comes in a little after 3 minutes in during a breakdown/bridge part of the song.

“Baby, This Love I Have” is the opening track and tribe sampled immediately from the intro. This song is also fairly heavily sampled by such notables as Black Star, Pete Rock, and Xzibit. Minnie Riperton is a a must have for your soul/funk collection.

RAMP- Come Into Knowledge

So Roy Ayers does not play in the Roy Ayers Music Project?!!?!  You learn something new every day… or at least every time to dig through ancient crates of wax. Or is it really Roy Ayers Music Productions? Hmmm… this is reminiscent of the B.T. Express controversy I started/brought attention to in my previous blog. I think I’m going to call this type of naming controversy funky-what’s- the- deal-with- the-name-gate…

Regardless, Come Into Knowledge is a well crafted funk album with incredible cover art. Its also their only album! It’s mostly mellow, but it really pulls you in. From start to finish it is solid. 

Tribe sampled “Daylight” in their classic “Bonita Applebum.” Where would we all be without Bonita Applebum? Maybe she would have never put me on, but I digress… The sample is immediately noticeable, as soon as you put it on (still digressing).

Several other artists have sampled “Daylight” (Common and more recently Danny Brown), and several other songs from this album have made their way into the hip hop world via The Alchemist, Large Professor, and more.  

Grover Washington Jr- Reed Seed

A number 1 on the billboard top jazz albums for 1978 (phenomenal year) this smooth/cool/soulful jazz is a pleasant listen. The first track “Do Dat” broke through US R&B charts to hit 79 in 79. It sets the pace for a foot tappin’, groovy jazz record.

I’m not the biggest fan of this smooth style of jazz but I have to admit Grover Washington Jr definitely adds those elements of funk and groove that keep me listening. It’s not the type of jazz you put on in the background and then end up falling asleep to. You surprisingly feel yourself groovin’ and ultimately recharged!

Tribe used “For Loran’s Dance” (a cover from Iris Muhammed) in “Push It Along.” There is only one other song on the album sampled in any hip hop (Maracas Beach).

Mahavishnu Orchestra- Birds of Fire

I have never heard of this group (commence judging…). How would I describe them? I would go to wikipedia which describes them as  “a jazz-rock fusion group.” Indeed. I’d go on to say the rock style is almost prog rock and the jazz part is sort of… prog rock. Discovering groups and music like this is exactly why digging through the crates is so rewarding. This is some random @ss cool as funk type sh*t.

This is John Mclaughlin’s band and they are considered some of the first innovators of the jazz-rock fusion genre.

A Tribe Called Quest sampled “Miles Beyond” in “Same Ol’ Thing,” a song on The Jam EP. I know I know I know I was only supposed to stick to the main studio albums, but again, I’m happy I discovered this group/album. It is not very heavily sampled- or at least not as heavily sampled as it should be!

The Crusaders- Images

The Crusaders accidentally made it on my shopping list. Tribe sampled “Cosmic Reign” in a “Lyrics” remix found on the Oh My God EP. I was trying to not get involved in all of the various remixes because that can lead down a rabbit hole I am not prepared to go down just yet.

That being said I’m glad I bought the record. I was a little disappointed in the album art. It reminds of me of early 80’s bore pop. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the grooves on the wax. It’s solid, groove-funk jazz. Possibly a little elevator music-y at times but overall I’m sticking to it as a solid record.

In addition, the album has received some light weight attention from other artists such as Big L, Three 6 Mafia, and Eric Sermon.


Cannonball Adderley- Country Preacher

This Album is Friggin hoppin’. Get it. Now. What are you waiting for? Seriously… go… NOW!!!!

This record is near and dear to Chigrooves because not only is it awesome, but it was recorded in Chicago for Operation Breadbasket. The album transcends itself. Jesse Jackson’s opening statement flows right into the music. Here’s the statement:

when you have real change, everybody’s thing begin to change, teacher begin to teach a new lesson, preacher begin to preach a new sermon; and the musician also tries to capture the new thing, so that we might have melody, and have rhythm as we do our thing 

… and then then Cannonball takes it from there!!!

Tribe sampled this Jesse Jackson speech that is part of “Walk Tall” in “Footprints.” The song was also sampled by Brand Nubian- the song not the same part. Atmosphere, Pete Rock, Pharoahe Monch, The Beatnuts, and OC have also sampled from this album. So… Just go get it!!!! Thank me later… or now 😉

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  1. Patrick March 21, 2017 @ 1:14 am

    That Minnie LP is great – there’s a reissue of it too from the Universal Japan “Free Soul” label that turns up every once in a while.

    It’s a close contest whether “Paradise” or “Perfect Angel” is my favorite Minnie. I think Perfect Angel wins by a hair, but the grooves on Paradise are killer.

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