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I’d like to give a big shout out to Dusty Groove for making it as one of the Travel Channel’s picks for “Eight Essential Record Stores in the US“. This is yuuuuuuuuuuuge!!! You guys should be very proud. I was just in the store last weekend checking out the funk/soul section. I’ll have some reviews of the records I picked up in my A Quest Called Dig series in a few weeks.

This past week was St. Valentine’s day. Love it or hate it it’s a great day time for pun, innuendo, or what ever this is:




Thanks Shuga!!!

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Moving down Milwaukee Ave closer to the Ashland/Division blue line stop you will find a relatively new record store, Shuga. I stepped in and immediately realized they had expanded.  Awesome! More crates is more diggin’ is more records for me!!! This time I started with the jazz section in my Quest Called Dig:

Cannonball Adderley- Love, Sex, And The Zodiac

I absolutely love it when an artist takes up a research question. The question to be answered in Love, Sex, and the Zodiac is “Do you need sex more than love or love more than sex?” Damn! I’m getting hot already. Research is categorized and presented in terms of zodiac signs. Regardless, of your sign, your need for physical gratification, or your need for emotional companionship we all need to get this on vinyl!

Each song overlays an astrological reading concerning sex and love on top of some well crafted cannonball jazz. Most is geared towards the female gender, and all of it is sexy. I enjoyed this a lot. It turns out my sign is ruled by Uranus! In addition, I learned that I prefer casual colonoscopies to a decade of cheesy eighties pop. Oh! and there’s a sexy naked lady on the cover. I’ve never met an album with a sexy naked lady on the cover that I didn’t like- so I knew it was going to be awesome!

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Sup? Back in December I went out on a Saturday that was  about what seemed to be the one millionth day in a row of overcast, no sun, Chicago days… even though really I think it was only the fourth such day in a row. It was one of those cold- but not too cold- but windy- so the cold is actually biting and really fucking cold days. Know what I mean? In other words, it was a great day to purposely leave your gloves at home, regret it later, and record shop off the beaten groove.

I hit up the brown elephant in Andersonville because well, it’s close to where I live. They have a fairly large selection of vinyl in a corner next to CDs and books. After I walked in and moseyed on over to the record section I noticed a Frank Sinatra record sitting out that happens to be an album I do not have from my dad (although I’m not done getting his shit so it might still be in his crates in storage). I thought that was a good omen so I snapped a pic.

I didn’t buy it tho cause the quality was kinda crap. Crap quality was a theme in the vinyl section at Brown Elephant as would be expected at a second hand store. There were several other records I passed up  because they looked way too scratched. One of the shelves actually had a bunch of vinyl leaning on each other in a way that it was obvious some were getting warped.

That being said I walked out with 7 records. For the excess of crap quality there were also tons of records actually in great condition. After a simple cleaning they were practically good as new!

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I got back to wrap up my  initial dig at Reckless Records on Milwaukee avenue where I grabbed up six additional records. So all in all that’s ten records I picked up from Reckless, the first site of my first dig!

I’m planning a series where I do some reviews of of the stores I’m visiting. I’ll compare prices and quality of the wax I’m finding so look out for that in the following weeks and months. I’m hoping it becomes a valuable resource for  your Chicago digging needs. Enough about that. Let’s talk vinyl!

Minnie Riperton- Adventures In Paradise

Adventures in Paradise is another classic, heavily sampled album. There is a simple groove to this album that I think really compliments Minnie’s sensational voice (check out “When It Comes Down To It” and “Simple Things”  in addition to the tracks specifically discussed below) and lends itself well to hip hop. “Minnie’s Lament” seems like it was written for the sole purpose of showcasing her incredible vocal talent. I think she has one of the better lesser known soul/R&B voices of the 70s.

Tribe used “For Inside My Love” in “Lyrics To Go” and “Baby, This Love I Have” in “Check The Rhime.” First, an R rated discussion of “Inside My Love.” I feel like there is some sexual innuendo in this song, but I can’t exactly put my finger in it. This song is heavily sampled. Slum Village, 2Pac, Nas, Pharcyde… The question should be: Who didn’t sample this song? Tribe’s sample comes in a little after 3 minutes in during a breakdown/bridge part of the song.

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Welcome to Chi Grooves and my inaugural post of A Quest Called Dig series. I’m starting out at Reckless Records on Milwaukee avenue. I squeezed this trip in between a yoga class and a tarot card reading (I’m making one of those up) so I only grabbed four records to write about on this trip. Without further ado…

Funkadelic- Let’s Take It To The Stage

This record is funky as sh*t from the start and just as apropos to kick off this series as any other album. According to 8 of the 10 songs on this record were sampled in various hip hop songs. Most notably “Get Off Your Ass and Jam” was sampled over 60 times by such greats as NWA, Public Enemy, 2Pac and many others including twice by A Tribe Called Quest in “Pressure” and “Rhythm (Devoted to the Art of Moving Butts).”  Another track sampled heavily is “Atmosphere” (Stetasonic, Three6Mafia).
The sample pulled from “Get Off Your Ass And Jam” in many cases appears to be the “screechy” guitar at the very beginning. In “Rhythm (Devoted to the Art of Moving Butts)” Tribe also uses the baby like sound that immediately follows the “screechy” guitar. “Screechy” guitar, baby sound… not convinced you need to run out and buy this album? Check out the album art! That sh*t is crazy!

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