Village Discount Outlet

A little while back I went to a resale store called Village Discount Outlet. This is a chain. They have several locations in the Chicago area. I hit up the one by me on Clark just north of Lawrence. There wasn’t much to see here, but I’m on a mission so I thought I’d report back and give you a play by play of my experience off the beaten groove. Here we go:

I stepped in and looked around. This place is mainly clothes. Clothes! Lots of clothes. I peered down the aisles and spotted a bunch of crap on the back walls. I walked over. Yup. Crap. Useless crap at that! I know there are records here! I followed the perimeter to the back left of the store an lo and behold in all it’s glory: vinyl!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There seemed to be a lot of Christian/folkish type stuff here. They had artists like Regeneration, Orrells, The Downings Lots, aKinsgton Trio, The Oak Ridge Quartet, The Oak Ridge Boys, Neil Diamond, The Righteous Brothers, and even some Ray Connif.

I bought nothing. I think they were all a buck. The quality was typical thrift store quality, not good. But hey, if any of these artists interest you or you are looking to expand your horizons I suggest you hop on over to the Village Discount Outlet pronto!

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